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Showing distinguished names in the security tabs of the ACCE

10 May 2020

This quick trick will show you how to see the distinguished name of a group instead of the display name in the different security tabs in the IBM Administrative Console for Content Engine (ACCE). This is useful if you have groups with the same di...

Advanced data validation with EDS

19 Apr 2020

This article will show you some techniques to handle complex data validation. It shows how you can leverage transient properties to provide rich feedback to the user

Implementing an EDS service with Java

16 Dec 2018

This article shows you how to build an External Data Service with Java for IBM Content Navigator and Case Manager. It provides an API which takes care of all the JSON stuff, you just has to focus on the business rules.

Content Engine API ♥ Java Collections

17 Nov 2018

This article features a wrapper class, adding standard Collections functionality to the IBM FileNet Content Engine API. It will allow you to write concise code without the overhead of using iterators