Console Project Example: Create document

Console Project Example: Create document

As a developer there are situations where you quickly want to create test documents with arbitrary name and contents. This example will show you how you can create such a document using a Content Engine Console Project. I will discuss the various methods of the Java class here, the full source code can be downloaded at the bottom of the article. I assume that you have created your Content Engine Console Project with the special new project wizard.

All the code is contained in a Java class called CreateDocument. The create() method is the public entry point to the class:

public void create(Object parent) {
  Folder folder = (Folder) parent;
  Document document = createDocument(folder.getObjectStore());
  folder.file(document, AutoUniqueName.AUTO_UNIQUE, null,

This class assumes that the selection used as input to this method is a folder. The createDocument() method will create a new document object, which is afterwards filed in the selected folder. Note that if multiple folders are selected a document will be created in each folder.

The createDocument() method looks like this:

private Document createDocument(ObjectStore objectStore) {
  Document doc = Factory.Document.createInstance(objectStore, "Document");
  doc.getProperties().putValue("DocumentTitle", getDocumentTitle() );
  doc.set_ContentElements( getContentElements() );
  doc.checkin(AutoClassify.DO_NOT_AUTO_CLASSIFY, CheckinType.MAJOR_VERSION );;
  return doc;

A document is created of document class Document and the title is set using the generated title of the getDocumentTitle() method:

private String getDocumentTitle() {
  return "Console Project Test " + (new Date()).getTime();

In this case a fixed string and a long number are concatenated. If you have another scheme for generating unique names then you have to change this method. If you use a document class with more custom properties, then the createDocument() method is a good place to set the value of these properties.

The content of the document is set using these two methods:

private ContentElementList getContentElements() {
  ContentElementList contentElementList = Factory.ContentElement.createList();
  contentElementList.add( createStringContent("Hello, World!") );
  return contentElementList;

private ContentTransfer createStringContent(String data) {
  ContentTransfer content = Factory.ContentTransfer.createInstance();
  content.set_RetrievalName( "data.txt" );
  content.setCaptureSource( new ByteArrayInputStream( data.getBytes() ) );
  content.set_ContentType( "text/plain" );
  return content;

To create a document with no content, just skip the call to the set_ContentElements() method of the document object.

Running this code will create a new document, filed in the folder selected in one of the Object Store views or in the search result. Note that there is no automatic refresh mechanism from a Console Project to the different views. So you will have to use the Refresh command to make the new document visible.

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